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Stokes Croft Pictures

Below: Painting of the building that stood on Turbo Island,
painted shortly after it was bombed during World War II.

Below: Turbo Island circa 1935. Apparently, a runaway vehicle caused this damage.

Below: Bygone Stokes Croft.

Below: Jamaica Street Carriageworks prior to its renovation by Jamaica Street Partners.

Below: View of the Carriageworks during major roadworks, 2009.

Below: Stokes Croft not so very long ago.

Below: 3D paints in Hepburn Road circa 1983.

Below: “We are all Artists”. Jamaica Street Fence, Dec. 2006

Below: Perry’s Carriageworks (Rear View) 2008. The roof is not fit for purpose.

Below:  Perry’s Carriageworks in its pomp. Designed by E.W. Godwin,
Stokes Croft’s Patron Saint, a man written out of Bristol’s history.

Below: North Street, at the bottom of Stokes Croft, back in the day.


Below: Corner of City Road and Stokes Croft. This building was demolished by the Council
for a road widening scheme that never took place.

Below: The No Tesco in Stokes Croft campaign worked with local artists
and the Community to paint this mural at the top of Stokes Croft.

Below: Paris , Epok, 3-Dom and Sepr paint time capsule pieces behind the containers
that now fill PRSC’s working yard on Jamaica Street.

Below: Leah Heming sketches out the board that filled one of the arches
of the Carriageworks in the Jamaica Street Artists’ foyer. (2007)

Below: 4 Ashley Road, a Grade II listed building deliberately left to fall into ruin
by would-be developers.

Below: Hillgrove Street road sign prior to re-working by PRSC.

Below: Hillgrove Street road sign after re-working by PRSC.

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