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Museum Virtual Visit

Former property developers’ signs (Repainted) guide visitors to the Museum

Katy and Guim apply the finishing touches, Summer 2010.

Foyer on the Opening Night, Summer 2010.

Opening Night, Summer 2010

The Museum is one room. It may be viewed from a central podium.

Jamie Gilman’s Bear dominates the Museum window.

Alan Smith (Bear) was a street poet who lived his last years on the streets around Stokes Croft.
He died of a drug overdose in the toilets of Burger King in Broadmead.
He lived in Jamaica Street homeless hostel.
On his death, all of his belongings were destroyed. Some poetry survives.
A framed poem can be viewed in the Bell Pub in Stokes Croft.
His funeral can be viewed here. His ashes are kept in the Museum.
Click here for footage of his performance poetry.

“Chess is much purer than art in its social position… It cannot be commercialized.”

Marcel Duchamp. Artist.

News, Economy, Through the Ages, etc.

Economy (Detail).

Graffiti, Cinema, Rubbish.

Chips (Detail). 3D paints no. 35 Jamaica Street in the 80’s,
The property is now PRSC HQ.

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